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Polyneuropathy in the Leonberger

Leonberger with polyneuropathy (Riche 2006, DVM thesis)


The inherited polyneuropathy (IPN) of Leonberger dogs, also called Leonberger polyneuropathy (LPN), represents a group of clinically similar, but genetically distinct diseases. Most LPN dogs are affected at a young age (age of onset at 1 to 5 years) and both sexes can be affected. Commonly, the first clinical signs of disease onset are locomotion troubles and marked atrophy of distal limb muscles and respiratory symptoms (dyspnea). The disease is characterized by a distal symmetrical degenerative peripheral polyneuropathy. Together with researchers from the University of Minnesota we identified a causative mutation for a severe early-onset form of LPN and offer genetic testing for this mutation. As this so-called LPN1 test does not detect all forms of LPN, we continue to ask for the submission of blood samples from affected dogs. For our research it is of utmost importance that affected dogs undergo a clinical examination by a certified veterinary neurologist. Additionally, the pathological examination of a muscle/nerve biopsy is of great diagnostic value. 

Contact: Cord Drögemüller

Information on muscle/nerve biopsies

LPN1 genetic testing

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