Institute of Genetics

Subaortic stenosis in the Newfoundland and Landseer

Ongoing project, Contact: Prof. Tosso Leeb

Subaortenstenose beim Neufundländer und Landseer

Subvalvular aortic stenosis (subaortic stenosis, SAS) is a congenital malformation of the aorta, which can occur in various dog breeds. SAS impedes the blood stram from the heart into the body. Depending of the severity of the constriction symptoms can vary from tiredness and reduced performance up to fainting and even sudden death while exercising. As the vessel constriction is already present at birth, the symptoms tend to occur early in life, e.g. in the pups or in the first years or life. We would like to further investigate the genetic risk factors for SAS in Newfoundlands and Landseers. Our aim is the development of a genetic test, which allows to detect carriers of risk genes. With such a test SAS could be efficiently controlled by a tragted breeding strategy. For the research we need EDTA blood samples from affected dogs, ideally together with their parents and siblings. We therefore ask breeders and owners to donate samples for our research.