The Institute of Genetics offers some genetic tests as a service.

As we do not have a routine service lab, it can take up to 3 months until a request is processed. If you would like to order one of our gene tests, please read the information for the respective test and send the sample(s) together with a signed order form.

Shipment (3-fold packaging)

  1. EDTA sample tube (plastic)
  2. secondary container (liquid-tight protective container with absorbent material)
  3. outer packaging, jiffy bag or package

Declaration for international shipments

  1. content: HS-Code 0511.99.85
  2. exempt animal specimen for research, non-infectious
  3. UID/EORI DE4444 0643 7447 453
  4. VAT-No. University of Bern CHE-115.250.351
  5. value 1 €, 1 £ or 1 $