Frosted Kitten in Cats

Frosted Kitten

"Frosted Kitten" is a hair variant in Norwegian Forest Cats, Bengal cats, and other purebred cats, which is well known among breeders but not yet scientficially examined. The coat of newborn pups is shorter and sparser than in normal cat pups. Most importantly the color is much lighter and the pattern becomes very blurred. Frosted Kitten is visible at or shortly (a few weeks) after birth. Later in life, at several weeks or a few months of age the Frosted Kitten phenotype vanishes and the cat develops a completely normal coat. For our research project we ask breeders and owners to donate blood samples of cats that have or had a "Frosted Kitten" type coat and their close relatives for our research. If you would like to contribute a sample, please follow the instructions shown below. The form can be filled at the computer and printed subsequently.


Free blood sample taking (Please make an appointment with Dr. Silvia Rüfenacht):

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