Nasal Hyperkeratosis in Cats

Nasale Hyperkeratose

Nasal hyperkeratosis, also known as "Bengal nose", leads to persistent crusts covering the noses of affected cats. It is possible that fissures and painful infections will develop. This disease has been recognized more than 10 years ago, and so far was mainly reported in Bengal and Egyptian Mau cats. Nasal hyperkeratosis is probably heritable, but the exact mode of inheritance is currently still unknown. We would like to investigate the cause of this disease and possibly develop a genetic test that can be used to unambiguously diagnose carriers and affected cats. For our research we need EDTA blood samples from affected cats and their close relatives (parents and littermates) as well as healthy Bengals and Egyptian Maus as controls. We therefore would like to ask breeders, owners and veterinary practioners for support and the submission of samples. Prof. Dr. Petra Roosje, the head of clinical dermatology at the small animal clinic of the University of Bern is offering free examinations and counseling to owners who are willing to donate samples for research.