Head Tremor in Dobermann Pinscher Dogs

Dobermann Pinscher

Head bobbing is characterized by episodes of head shaking or head trembling. Dobermann Pinschers but also other breeds such as Boxers, French, and English Bulldogs may become affected. Head bobbing is a benign condition, which does not require any specific treatment. The time span between episodes of head shaking may last days or even months. The cause of head bobbing in the Dobermann Pinscher has not yet beed elucidated. However, head bobbing is definitely not related to epilepsy. Together with specialized neurologists from the University of Munich we would like to further investigate the genetic risk factors for head bobbing in the Dobermann Pinscher. We also would like to develop a genetic test for head bobbing. For the research we need EDTA blood samples from affected dogs, ideally together with their parents and siblings. We therefore ask breeders and owners to donate samples for our research.