Spiculosis in Kerry Blue Terriers

Spiculosis describes a change of single hairs, which has been observed exclusively in Kerry Blue Terriers. Due to a malformation of hair follicles abnormally thick hairs are formed, which are called thorns, spicules or bristles. The most common localization of these hard and thick hairs are the hocks and elbows, but they can basically occur anywhere and may cause pain and itching. Since spiculosis has been described exclusively in the Kerry Blue Terrier, we assume that it has a genetic cause. We would like to identify the causative genetic defect and develop a genetic test. This could be used to control matings in the future so that no more affected dogs are born. For our research, we need EDTA blood samples from affected dogs as well as from healthy Kerry Blue Terriers as controls. We are asking breeders, owners and veterinarians in private practice to help us and to send us samples. If you would like to participate in our project and can provide a blood sample from your dog, please follow the instructions in our leaflet.